Justice Court

Justice Court is the first level trial court of New York State's Unified Court System. Many New Yorkers will have their first and only court experience in a town or village court. The justices respond to calls from law enforcement officers on a twenty four hour, seven day a week schedule.

Court Updated Status: July 17, 2020

*** UPDATE: The Court Lobby will be open Monday through Friday 11 AM – 3 PM to file new cases, answering Vehicle and Traffic Tickets, which include: initial plea to the summons;  providing documentation that insurance and/or registration was in effect when issued the VTL Summons; vehicle defect issues have been corrected and paying fines

The Town of New Windsor Court Room is currently limiting in-person appearances for criminal arraignments, hearings and trials, small claim matters, and Town Code violations. 

  1. ALL vehicle and traffic matters have administratively been adjourned until further notice.
  2. If you have received coorespondence from the court and require clarification, please contact the court directly during regular office hours.
  3. .If you have received a suspension notice from DMV with an effective suspension date during the time of the courts closure, those suspensions have either been lifted or removed.

We thank you for your cooperation in the effort to prevent the spread of Covid-19 to the others in the community.

Justice Court has preliminary jurisdiction over felony cases and exclusive jurisdiction over misdemeanor cases, pending divesture to the County Court. Small claims and civil cases up to $3,000.00 are also handled in Justice Court.

The New Windsor Justice Court is open to the public and the public is welcome to attend court sessions.

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Traffic Ticket Plea Forms

You may download Guilty Plea or Not Guilty Plea forms and mail into the court for traffic tickets.

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