Notary Services

The volume of requests for notary services at Town Hall has increased dramatically due to many local financial institutions and other local businesses ceasing to offer this service. Town of New Windsor has notary services available to its residents, without any appointment, during normal business hours. Notary Services are available to non-residents by appointment only.

Book an appointment with Town of New Windsor
For those without internet access, contact the Town Clerk at (845)563-4611.

Notary Service Information:  
Anyone seeking notary services must provide current government issued photo identification (i.e., driver’s license or passport).

Documents must be pre-filled, except for the required signature.  

Do not execute your document until you are before the notary and the notary has directed you to sign.

Please note, we do not notarize Last Wills & Testaments.  Please see your attorney for execution of same.

Please see our contact page for current public hours.