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(Code of Ethics) in the Town Code

Board of Ethics

The Code of Ethics was amended and modernized in March of 2018 and new appointments were made to the Board of Ethics in July and August of 2019.

Having now been reestablished, the Board of Ethics will seek to perform its mission, as set forth in Chapter 25 of the Town Code.


Complaints must be made in writing and mailed to Town of New Windsor, Town Hall, c/o Board of Ethics, 555 Union Ave., New Windsor, N.Y. 12553.
Prior to final disposition, all complaints shall remain confidential. However, upon final disposition of any complaint, same shall become public records which will be indexed and maintained on file by the Board of Ethics.

The purpose of the Board is to

(1) receive, review and forward Ethics Disclosure of Interest Forms as required by the Town Code;
(2) receive and investigate complaints concerning alleged ethical violations and conduct hearings as required per dictates of the Town Code;
(3) recommend disciplinary action or penalties and/or initiate appropriate actions and proceedings pursuant to Town Code;
(4) issue advisory opinions as deemed necessary by the Town Code;
(5) provide training and education to Town officers and employees on provisions of the Code of Ethics, as deemed necessary; and
(6) to prepare an annual report to the Town Board summarizing activities of the Board of Ethics and making recommendations for changes to the Code, if deemed necessary.

Meetings will be held as deemed necessary by the Board of Ethics and are closed to the public.