New Windsor Police Department History

Patch History

Patch Prior to 2001Patch 2001-Present

Old Patch (Prior to 2001) & New Patch (2001 - Present)

The New Windsor Police Department shoulder patch contains depictions of historical events of the past. It also portrays an original story of principles and patriotism that are consistent with life in New Windsor.

The main themes embodied in the patch are freedom, the new democracy, exploration, commerce, pride and peace. The Town of New Windsor was incorporated in 1763. Since that time there has always been some form of police presence in the community. The role of the early constabulary was to provide service and to keep the peace.

New Windsor, New York is a town that is rooted deep with significant history. Revolutionary war General George Washington stationed his troops at the New Windsor Cantonment just north of the present day Vails Gate. These Continental Army Troops were at this encampment from 1782 until the cessation of hostilities in 1783. These troops endured and fought for liberty, honor and highly held beliefs.

The American Revolution ended in 1783 with a peace treaty between the thirteen colonies and England. New Windsor is situated on the western shore of the majestic Hudson River. The shore at Plum Point is an areas where the river’s bay has been home to sailboats, triple masted sailing barks, steamboats and shipbuilders. The Hudson River has been a long standing passage for those involved in exploration and commerce.

On the top of the patch above and to the right of the Continental Soldier is the rising sun. This rising sun represents freedom and the birth of a new nation.

On both sides of the soldier are the mountains of the Hudson Highlands, Breakneck Mountain is on the left. ON the right is the Storm King Mountain. Bannerman’s island sits just below breakneck and behind the Continental soldier.

Tucked behind the mountain is the American Flag. The thirteen stars represent the original colonies that fought in the revolutionary war. This early flag symbolizes patriotism and independence.

The Continental Soldier is shown standing on the shoreline near the river’s bay at Plum Point. He stands tall in defense of his country. He represents principle and pride.

The ships traversing the bay represent exploration and commerce. To the left of the soldier is a ship that represents the half moon. This ship was piloted by the English explorer Henry Hudson. The ship to the right of the soldier is a triple masted sailing vessel that represents commerce. These types of ships disembark from the Port of New Windsor. They transported goods and raw materials to points south and New York City.

The wreaths on both sides of the patch are symbolic of the olive branches that appear on many seals and crests.

In 1783 General George Washington gave a powerful speech to his soldiers at the Cantonment. He strove to impress upon them the importance of principle, patriotism and patient virtue. He spoke of dignity, honor, justice, the rights of humanity, veracity, gratitude of peace. These core values have set the foundation for the mission and purpose of the Town of New Windsor Police Department.

The new shoulder patch design of the Town of New Windsor Police Department was adopted in 2001.  The redesign of the patch was spearheaded by Retired Sergeant Gregory T. Gaetano.  Sgt. Gaetano also provided the historical perspective of the new patch.