Sewer Department

The Town of New Windsor Sewer Department operates and maintains the wastewater treatment facility as well as the main sewer lines throughout New Windsor.

Our mission is to clean wastewater and to return it safely to our environment. In order to accomplish this task, we offer the following services to Town residents:

  • If a homeowner's sewer line is backed up, the Sewer Department will, at no charge, check the Town's sewer line to determine the origin of the backup. Should the cause be with the Town’s line, the Sewer Department will take immediate corrective action. If the backup is in the homeowner's line, we will makes suggestions for corrective action.
  • The Sewer Department will assist residents in locating their sewer lines and where these lines connect to the Town’s main sewer line. Our staff will mark-out these lines upon request and upon receipt of notification from “Dig Safely New York” (a public service in New York State designed to protect underground facilities) which can be reached 1-800-962-7962.
  • Our department is available for sewer inspections during regular business hours for those residents who have a valid sewer permit. Please call our office at least 24 hours in advance to schedule an inspection.