New Windsor Town Board

The Town Board is composed of the Town Supervisor, who is elected to a two year term of office, and four council members, who are elected to a four year term of office. The Town Supervisor and the Town Board are the legislative body for the town and have control over legislation, appropriations, and policies.

The Town Board conducts public meetings on the first Wednesday of each month. The Town Board's functions include the awarding of all contracts and bids, providing for town improvements, and adopting and amending local laws. The Town Board establishes all positions within the town, appoints personnel, and sets salaries and benefits.

One of the most important duties of the Town Board is the adoption of the annual budget. The monies to run the town government are raised in the budget, which is prepared and adopted during the preceding fiscal year. Taxes collected to raise the monies to run the town government are collected during January of each year.