Town Clerk's Office

The duties of the Town Clerk are mandated by federal, state, and local law, and in addition to licensing authority, include the following:

  • Attends all Town Board meetings and authors the minute books of the Town Board.
  • As Records Management Officer, is legal custodian of all town records.
  • Administrator of Freedom of Information Law
  • As Filing Officer, is responsible for the administration and filing of numerous documents, including local laws, oaths of office, resignations, petitions, fiscal reports, court actions, bonds and notes, zoning ordinances, maps, and burial permits.
  • Is responsible for publication of legal notices.
  • Advertises and conducts bid openings for purchases of equipment, services, and supplies.
  • Is responsible for assisting with state and internal audits.
  • Maintains Legal Signboard.
Please contact our office to schedule an appointment for a Marriage Certificate.

Services, licenses, and permits available at the Town Clerk's Office:

Registrar of Vital Statistics
Dog Licensing
Bingo and Games of Chance Licenses
Conservation Licenses
Document Certification
EZ Pass Tags
Freedom of Information Requests
Handicapped Parking Permits
Hydrant Permits
Marriage Licenses
Meeting/Court Room Scheduling
Park Permits
Septic and Sewer Permits
Solicitor's Permits
Street Opening Permits
Towing Licenses
Voter Registration Forms/Absentee Ballot Applications
Water and Well Permits
Zoning Books/Zoning Maps
General Information

For information regarding passports and business certificates, please call the Orange County Clerk’s office at 291-2690.

For information on pistol permit applications, please call the Orange County Sheriff Pistol Permit Unit at 291-3060 or 291-7932.


Town Board Special Resolutions

Motion: Adopt Resolution opposing certain changes in New York State Law regarding Office of the Town Clerk. 
Download Link

Motion: Adopt resolutions regarding the Office of the Registrar of Vital Statistics. 
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