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Please find here the latest information regarding the Town of New Windsor's Water System.

Water Update: June 24, 2019

The Town began the recent transition to the Catskill Aqueduct on May 1, 2019.  From that date until May 13th, water operations staff were assembled and the plant at Riley Road was serviced.  On May 13th, the Town began drawing water from the Aqueduct.  From May 13th until May 20th, the transition required a blending of water from the Butterhill Wells with water from the Aqueduct.  From May 20th until the present, the only water entering the distribution system and being provided to our residents has been from the Aqueduct.  The Town has not drawn from Brown’s Pond.

The Town is aware of certain odor and taste complaints with the water now being provided.  Any such issues are believed to be caused by the change in flow and treatment required to transition from the Butterhill source to the Aqueduct source.  Testing of the water is ongoing and will continue, as is required.  No safety issues have been identified.  

The Town has been flushing water through fire hydrants since June 17, 2019.  Flushing will continue through July 3rd.  This should alleviate most, if not all, of the current issues concerning taste and odor.

Please continue to contact the Town Attorney’s Office at 563-4630 with any further questions or concerns and thank you for your anticipated understanding.  

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