Town of New Windsor Police Press Releases


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The Town of New Windsor Police Department is pleased to announce the receipt and installation of the Axis Body Worn Camera system for the members of the Department.     

The Department received 50 Cameras at a total one-time cost of $37,600. This includes integration into the existing server platform which meets CJIS Federal and New York State DCJS requirements for storage and security.  $29,000 of the $37,600 was donated from businesses and community stakeholders from throughout the Town. These body cameras will help to increase transparency, public trust, and confidence with the Public as well as assist in investigations. 

With Pricing quotes coming in as high as $234,000, the Department was very happy to be put in contact with the Axis Communications from our Town IT (internet technology) Department. Axis is already a vendor with the Town for their security camera platform which is utilized at numerous Town owned property.  By going with the Axis Company, New Windsor Police is the first Department in the Tri-state area to utilize their camera system. The camera had great results during the test phase and with a one-time cost of $37,600 it became apparent that Axis was the right company for this task.   

Police Chief Robert Doss stated, “The implementation of this body camera technology in New Windsor is a huge step forward for us.  Supervisor Meyers and I moved this project along as quickly as we did because we felt it was a great way to add to the level of transparency that the community expects from its police.  These body cameras will not only contribute to further enhance the trust level that the New Windsor community has in its police force but they will also enhance officer safety.  I want to thank the businesses in town that donated towards the costs of the project.  Their generosity took a majority of the costs off of the taxpayers.  Also, Patrick Mangan of our town’s Information Technology Department, played a huge role in this project’s success and its implementation.  I think this whole project is a great example of how the police and the community can work together to get things done for the benefit of everyone involved.”

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On February 8, 2021, Police Officer Christopher D. Deets retired from the Town police force.  Officer Deets was recognized with a Service Achievement Award by Town Supervisor George J. Meyers III and Police Chief Robert L. Doss at a walk out ceremony.  Supervisor Meyers stated, “Officer Deets is leaving the Police Department in a better place than when he found it and anytime you can say that, it means the officer did a good job. I wish the best for Officer Deets and his family”.  Chief Doss stated, “Officer Deets has been awarded for saving 4 lives over the course of his career here.  I think that says it all about his hard work and dedication to serving the community.  I commend him for his service to the Town and we will miss him.”  Also, on hand for the ceremony was Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus and Orange County Commissioner of Emergency Service Brendan Casey who recognized Officer Deets for his military service with the U.S. Army and his police service to the County.