Town of New Windsor Press Releases

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Warning: Residents being targeted by mail scam in regards to water tests



The Town is advised of a direct mailing being sent to residents by a company called Hudson Valley Environmental Solutions.  They are offering a “free water test” in an effort to sell homeowners a water treatment system for up to $6000 or more.  They may also use the name “Rain Soft”. 


Please note, this company has not sought a solicitor’s permit to sell these products or provide these services to Town residents, and the Town has not sanctioned their doing so.  In fact, the same company improperly solicited Town residents by leaving similar solicitations on people’s front doors and in their mailboxes a few months ago, prompting the Town to contact the New York State Department of Environmental Police who advised them to stop.  Clearly, they didn’t heed this warning.  Please don’t be fooled!


If residents have any questions over this issue, please contact Supervisor George Meyers at (845) 563-4610.

Update on questions regarding latest utility billing

There is an over abundance of questions regarding high utility bills for this quarter.  As we transition with this new billing system AND into the new meters, some factors come in to play that may have caused a resident to have a high bill.  

One thing to note before reviewing the factors is that the “Service to and from” dates are a generic billing period and do not represent the true reading cycle for most.  Once all the meters in town have been changed to the new technology, there will be a town wide reading/billing period of 3 months then the billing system will be able to import all meter reads at once at the time of applying charges.    For a number of years, each quarter the town has had unbilled water in the amount of 35%-40% of the treated water because of failing and inaccurate meters.

Those with high bills are mainly due to the meter change outs that were done between 11/10/19 and 2/7/20:

•    A longer reading cycle.  The old meter read was combined with the new meter read which was obtained on 2/27/20 to move into the consistent 3 month reading schedule.  This caused some reading period to be longer than 3 months, some up to 5 months which would have the potential to double your average bill.
•    Many of the readings obtained from the “old” meters were done so after many years of customer estimates.  If it turned out the billing was UNDER estimating, charges for unbilled water will cause higher bills.  If the account was OVER estimated, it resulted in a credit applied.
•    The new meters are extremely accurate as opposed to the meters that are being replaced.  Many of the old meters have not been accounting for all the water going through them.

Please feel free to contact the water billing department with questions regarding your bill at 845-563-4625.

LIFTED: Boil Water Advisory for February 6 Emergency Water Outage

Update February 8, 10:40am: The boil water advisory for all affected streets listed below has been lifted.


There is a boil water advisory in affect for: 925-899 Little Britain Road (Route 207), and Silver Stream Road.

In addition to the above streets previously listed, also now included are:

Mt Airy Rd (from Briarwood Ln to Bethlehem Rd)
Briarwood Ln
Windemere Estates
Cooper Ct
Swan Hollow Rd
Shady Dell Dr
Coach House Ct

Bring your tap water to a rolling boil, boil for one minute and cool before using, or use bottled water. Boiled or bottled water should be used for: drinking, making ice, washing dishes, brushing teeth, and preparing food until further notice.

Water Update: restoration times / water available for affected residents

Our crews are still onsite and working on the water outage. Due to the emergency leak repair yesterday, when a water line was shut down, it caused a larger infrastructure problem that is taking longer to fix.  Water service is expected to be restored later morning / early afternoon once the repair is complete.

A water tanker will be available later this morning at Vails Gate Fire Company Station 2 on 4 Weather Oak Hill Road.  Please bring containers to fill. 

Cases of bottled water will also be available for those affected by the water outage.

We’ll post once both the tanker and bottled water are available at Vails Gate Fire Company Station 2.  WATER IS NOT AVAILABLE right now, please wait until we follow up with a second post.