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New Windsor Announces Temporary Moratorium on all Development Approvals

During the January Town Board Meeting, the Town Board called for a public hearing to discuss a proposed Local Law that would impose a temporary moratorium on all development approvals in the Town of New Windsor.  If approved by the Town Board after the public hearing, which is scheduled for February 5, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. in Town Hall at 555 Union Ave., New Windsor, NY, this Local Law would enact a minimum three (3) month moratorium.  

The temporary moratorium being proposed is designed to give Supervisor Meyers and the Town Board sufficient time to further study and explore what are believed to be significant issues concerning the Town’s ability to meet demands for its current and future sewer and water customers, as well as concerns about traffic and over-development in general.  Decisions as to how to proceed beyond this three month period will be made during this time, with further action to be taken by the Town Board, as deemed necessary.  

Please note, there are a number of exceptions to the temporary moratorium, which are outlined in the proposed Local Law.  

The full context of proposed Local Law #1-2020 can be found below.

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