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On March 26, 2021, police detectives from the Town of New Windsor & City of Newburgh Police Departments, along with members of the FBI’s Hudson Valley Safe Streets Task Force, Orange County Sheriff’s Office – Special Operations Group and Federal Probation Officers executed a court authorized search warrant at 80 Continental Drive in the Town of New Windsor. This search warrant was the result of a several month long investigation into the illegal possession of narcotics by an individual residing at the residence.

This search resulted in the seizure of over 500 grams of fentanyl, 125 grams of crack / cocaine and approximately $50,000 in U.S. Currency.

Wilfredo S. Gonzalez Jr., age 41 of New Windsor, was arrested and charged federally with drug possession violations, as well as violation of the terms and conditions of his Federal Probation. He was transported to the Hudson Valley Office of the FBI and is awaiting presentation to the Southern District Court in White Plains later today. He faces a minimum of 10-years in a federal penitentiary if convicted. 

New Windsor Police Chief Robert L. Doss stated, “I want to thank our federal, county and municipal law enforcement partners for their assistance in this case. I want to make it clear to the New Windsor community that we are fully committed to aggressively pursuing dangerous drug dealers like Mr. Gonzalez, who chose to supply dangerous drugs like fentanyl to people in our town."

The Town of New Windsor Police Department is pleased to announce the receipt and installation of the Axis Body Worn Camera system for the members of the Department.     

The Department received 50 Cameras at a total one-time cost of $37,600. This includes integration into the existing server platform which meets CJIS Federal and New York State DCJS requirements for storage and security.  $29,000 of the $37,600 was donated from businesses and community stakeholders from throughout the Town. These body cameras will help to increase transparency, public trust, and confidence with the Public as well as assist in investigations. 

With Pricing quotes coming in as high as $234,000, the Department was very happy to be put in contact with the Axis Communications from our Town IT (internet technology) Department. Axis is already a vendor with the Town for their security camera platform which is utilized at numerous Town owned property.  By going with the Axis Company, New Windsor Police is the first Department in the Tri-state area to utilize their camera system. The camera had great results during the test phase and with a one-time cost of $37,600 it became apparent that Axis was the right company for this task.   

Police Chief Robert Doss stated, “The implementation of this body camera technology in New Windsor is a huge step forward for us.  Supervisor Meyers and I moved this project along as quickly as we did because we felt it was a great way to add to the level of transparency that the community expects from its police.  These body cameras will not only contribute to further enhance the trust level that the New Windsor community has in its police force but they will also enhance officer safety.  I want to thank the businesses in town that donated towards the costs of the project.  Their generosity took a majority of the costs off of the taxpayers.  Also, Patrick Mangan of our town’s Information Technology Department, played a huge role in this project’s success and its implementation.  I think this whole project is a great example of how the police and the community can work together to get things done for the benefit of everyone involved.”

Deets 1.jpg

On February 8, 2021, Police Officer Christopher D. Deets retired from the Town police force.  Officer Deets was recognized with a Service Achievement Award by Town Supervisor George J. Meyers III and Police Chief Robert L. Doss at a walk out ceremony.  Supervisor Meyers stated, “Officer Deets is leaving the Police Department in a better place than when he found it and anytime you can say that, it means the officer did a good job. I wish the best for Officer Deets and his family”.  Chief Doss stated, “Officer Deets has been awarded for saving 4 lives over the course of his career here.  I think that says it all about his hard work and dedication to serving the community.  I commend him for his service to the Town and we will miss him.”  Also, on hand for the ceremony was Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus and Orange County Commissioner of Emergency Service Brendan Casey who recognized Officer Deets for his military service with the U.S. Army and his police service to the County. 

On January 27, 2021, the New Windsor Police Department arrested William M. Hinspeter, 48-years old of New Windsor, NY for stealing from the New Windsor Little League organization after a four-month long investigation by Detectives.

Mr. Hinspeter, who formerly served the New Windsor Little League organization as its President, made a series of unauthorized debit card cash withdrawals for his own personal use between the dates of October 1, 2018 and August 31, 2020.

Mr. Hinspeter was arraigned on a criminal charge of Petit Larceny in New Windsor Justice Court. He plead guilty to the charge in the presence of his attorney and he was sentenced to a conditional discharge. Additionally, Mr. Hinspeter has paid $6,500. in restitution back to the New Windsor Little League organization.


New Windsor Police Department recognized Dispatcher Jill Nye today for completing 20-years of dedicated service to the town. Police Chief Robert L. Doss stated, “Congratulations to Dispatcher Nye for this career achievement. Our dispatchers are often the unsung heroes of the Police Department. They are the ones who answer the phone in a calm voice and get the necessary information to be able to send the proper emergency responders quickly to where they need to be. Here in New Windsor, our dispatchers not only dispatch the police but they also dispatch the ambulance corps and the fire departments if needed. Dispatcher Nye has helped countless people over the course of her career and I commend her for always doing such a great job.”

Farbent & Fayo 35 year award1.jpg

On January 15, 2021, Town Supervisor George J. Meyers III and Police Chief Robert L. Doss recognized Deputy Chief Michael C. Farbent and Lieutenant Frederick R. Fayo III for their completion of 35-years of dedicated service to the Town of New Windsor Police Department. Supervisor Meyers stated, "We are all appreciative of the many dedicated years of service these command staff members have provided to the Town of New Windsor." Congratulations to them on this achievement.

On January 8, 2021 New Windsor Police Officer Joseph Bell and K-9 Duke graduated from the Narcotics Detection School that was hosted by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. The 8-week school was a hands-on training with the Officer and the K-9 where they are instructed in how to seek out and find Cocaine, Heroin, Methamphetamines and Ecstasy.  The school also included basic obedience and was conducted under all different environments in order to prepare the dog for real world encounters. 

This will be Officer Joseph Bell’s first time assigned to a K-9 Unit. He brings over 15 years of experience as a Police Officer with him to this detail.

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The New Windsor Police Department has concluded its investigation into the cause of the October 21, 2020 fatal three vehicle collision involving a Washingtonville Central School District bus, a commercial tree service truck and a BMW sedan. The two-month long investigation determined that the commercial tree service truck, operated by Ian K. Jennings, crossed over the double yellow line and entered the oncoming Eastbound lane of traffic causing the collision with the school bus and the sedan.

Toxicology results from the New York State Police lab determined that alcohol and drugs were not a contributing factor in this collision. Accident reconstruction investigators were able to rule out excessive speed as well as any type of mechanical failure on the part of the commercial tree service truck. Investigators also determined that Mr. Jennings was not using his cellular phone nor did he suffer any type of medical event just prior to the collision.

Ian K. Jennings, 25 years old from Grahamsville, New York was cited for two violations of the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law which include failure to keep right (section 1120A) and failure to wear a seatbelt (section 1229). He was given a court date of February 2, 2021 at 3:00 p.m. before New Windsor Town Justice George J. Meyers IV.

Chief of Police Robert L. Doss commented on the investigation, “As a result of our investigation, it was determined we do not have evidence to support any criminal charges in this case. It comes down to this being a case of a driver that was inattentive behind the wheel. Whether Mr. Jennings was drowsy or distracted by something in or around the vehicle he was operating we will never know. Mr. Jennings received two traffic summonses for his role in this horrific collision that unfortunately took the life of Andrew Sanchez and seriously injured a six-year old girl. In a matter of just a few seconds, so many lives were changed forever. The family and friends of Mr. Sanchez suffer his loss every day and the Washingtonville Central School District lost a very special employee. I want to thank the New York State Police and the Orange County District Attorney’s Office for their assistance in this investigation.”

District Attorney David M. Hoovler stated, “I commend the Town of New Windsor Police Department and the New York State Police for their diligence and thoroughness in this investigation. The tragic consequences of this collision are no doubt most keenly felt by the family and friends of the deceased, the severely injured six-year old girl and her family and friends. The whole community is saddened by their loss. Although there was no finding of criminal liability in this case, my office has assigned an experienced assistant district attorney to prosecute the traffic summonses which were issued.”

Media Contact: Deputy Chief Michael Farbent - mfarbent@newwindsor-ny-gov

Holiday Patrol Initiative Photo.jpg

The New Windsor Police Department conducted Holiday Patrols in the commercial areas of town during the month of December 2020. This increased patrol initiative consisted of uniformed officers in marked police cars, as well as less obvious patrols of detectives in unmarked police cars. The patrols occurred in and around the Vails Gate commercial area, as well as other strip mall and convenience store locations in Town. The overall purpose of these highly visible Holiday Patrols is to deter robberies and larcenies from occurring and to increase the overall safety of shoppers in town.

The Holiday Patrol Initiative proved to very successful again this holiday season. In the commercial areas where the patrols occurred, there were no robberies and only four (4) larcenies reported for the whole month of December 2020. Additionally, all four larceny cases resulted in an arrest and they were all shoplifting related. Police Chief Robert Doss stated, “Historically across the country, law enforcement sees an increase in robberies and larcenies during the holiday season and we simply will not allow this to happen here. 2020 marked our third holiday season in a row where we conducted these type of high visibility patrols. Impressively and once again, our efforts showed an overall decrease in these type of incidents. I think it is so very important that people coming to New Windsor to visit our businesses feel safe and I think we accomplished this. The success of the Holiday Patrol initiative is a direct result of the hard work of our officers and detectives and I appreciate all their efforts.”

It should also be noted that these patrols were conducted at no additional cost to the taxpayers. 

On December 15, 2020, members of the New Windsor Police Department in partnership with the Orange County Sexual Assault Response Team, participated in the ‘Start by Believing Campaign’ by signing pledges to ‘start by believing’ anyone who tells them that they were raped or sexually assaulted.  The New Windsor Police Department has long been a partner with the Orange County Sexual Assault Response Team.  Members of the Police Department have received special training to investigate sexual crimes and continue to take any reports of these types of crimes very seriously. 



If you need to report a sexual assault please contact the Police Department at (845)565-7000.

If you or someone you love is a survivor of sexual violence in need of support, contact Orange County Rape Crisis Team 24/7 by calling 311.