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NWPD Establishes Bicycle Patrol Unit

The New Windsor Police Department recently established a Bicycle Patrol unit.  This unit consists of 6 Police Officers that were specially chosen and trained for this assignment.  They have all attended graduated from the NYS Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) Law Enforcement Bicycle Patrol Course.  This 5-day course was designed as an entry level training for law enforcement personnel utilizing specialized mountain bikes for patrol activities.  The course combines classroom training (such as vehicle & traffic law and bicycle safety, performance and maintenance) with practical application exercises (such as mock scenarios, obstacle negotiation, dismounts, take downs, suspect contact and tactical response with firearms).  Students learned cycling techniques involving obstacles such as stairs, curbs, parking lots and off-road trails. Members of the New Windsor Police Bicycle Patrol Unit are: Officer Arcaro, Officer Gagliardo, Officer Fayo, Officer Lake, Officer Lubarsky, and Officer Vega.

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