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Community Advisory Panel Joins Training Session at Firearms Range

New Windsor Police Chief Robert L. Doss recently hosted several members of the town’s Community Advisory Panel at a training session at the Police Department’s firearms range.  The panel was established April 1, 2021 as a result of New York State’s Police Reform and Reinvention process.  Part of the mission of the Community Advisory Panel is to plan, attend and participate in certain police trainings to make recommendations to the Police Department on how to better serve and engage the community.  This training session focused around officers receiving reality-based situational training and de-escalation techniques.  The officers also received use of force training along with pistol proficiency and qualification training.   Chief Robert Doss commented, “The experience of having the Community Advisory Panel members at the range and interacting with our officers was such a great thing to see.  This is just a first step of many that I have planned to bring the Police Department closer with the community that we serve.  It is so important for people to see how we train and understand why we train the way that we do.  The panel’s involvement will become a great way to ensure we are meeting the communities needs and expectations.”

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