Town of New Windsor Press Releases

Please find and view the most up to date news and information regarding the Town of New Windsor listed below.

Town of New Windsor in contact with Verizon regarding Fios service in town

Town Supervisor Meyers has contacted Verizon regarding their ability to provide Fios service to New Windsor residents.

Throughout the month of January Supervisor Meyers’ office has been in touch with the Verizon Director of State Government Affairs, and also the director directly responsible for the Mid-Hudson and Westchester area for Verizon. Both explained that Verizon’s current position is fulfilling their existing signed franchise agreements with other towns, cities and villages. Verizon is not entertaining or committing to any new franchise agreements at this time.

Verizon has agreed to monitor the town’s request. Verizon and the Town will revisit this issue in six months to see if Verizon’s position has changed.

New Windsor Announces Temporary Moratorium on all Development Approvals

During the January Town Board Meeting, the Town Board called for a public hearing to discuss a proposed Local Law that would impose a temporary moratorium on all development approvals in the Town of New Windsor.  If approved by the Town Board after the public hearing, which is scheduled for February 5, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. in Town Hall at 555 Union Ave., New Windsor, NY, this Local Law would enact a minimum three (3) month moratorium.  

The temporary moratorium being proposed is designed to give Supervisor Meyers and the Town Board sufficient time to further study and explore what are believed to be significant issues concerning the Town’s ability to meet demands for its current and future sewer and water customers, as well as concerns about traffic and over-development in general.  Decisions as to how to proceed beyond this three month period will be made during this time, with further action to be taken by the Town Board, as deemed necessary.  

Please note, there are a number of exceptions to the temporary moratorium, which are outlined in the proposed Local Law.  

The full context of proposed Local Law #1-2020 can be found below.

Receiver of Taxes office open Saturday, January 25, 9am-12pm

Town of New Windsor Receiver of Taxes, Susan Scheible announces her office will be open on Saturday, January 25, 2020 from 9:00am to 12:00 noon for the convenience of those who can not get to the Town Hall during normal business hours, 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday through Friday.

Receiver of Taxes Scheible will open her office for the purpose of collecting Utility Payments and 2020 County/Town Property Tax Payments.

Boil Water Advisory: Burroughs Ln, Shelly Rd, Byron Ln, Hemmingway Rd, Stephenson Ln, Melville Dr and Keats Dr

The leak repair work has been completed and water service is back on for all affected residents. There is a boil water advisory in affect Burroughs Ln, Shelly Rd, Byron Ln, Hemmingway Rd, Stephenson Ln, Melville Dr and Keats Dr until further notice.  

Bring tap water to a rolling boil, boil for one minute, and cool before using, or use bottled water certified for sale by the New York State Department of Health.  Boiled or bottled water should be used for drinking, making ice, washing dishes, brushing teeth, and preparing foods until further notice.


UPDATE: Water Shutdown & Leak Repair: Burroughs Ln, Shelly Rd, Byron Ln, Hemmingway Rd, Stephenson Ln, Melville Dr and Keats Dr

*UPDATE 1/21 10am: Water shutdown extended to include Byron Ln, Hemmingway Rd, Stephenson Ln, Melville Dr and Keats Dr.*

We have an upcoming water shutdown for a second leak repair this coming Tuesday, January 21st. 

There will be no water on Burroughs Ln and Shelly Rd from 9am to 4pm. 

There will POSSIBLY be no water on Byron Ln, Hemmingway Rd, Stephenson Ln, Melville Dr and Keats Dr from 9am-4pm. Please prepare to have no water in case the leak repair becomes more extensive on Tuesday. The crews will not know if this second group of streets will be affected until Tuesday. 

Following the repair, there will be a boil water advisory in affect for at a minimum Burroughs Ln and Shelly Rd. We'll post if a boil water advisory will be in affect for the second group of streets once the extent of the repair is known.

Town Board Workshop Agenda - Monday, January 13, 2020

Below is the Town Board Workshop Agenda for Monday, January 13. The Town Board Meeting Agenda for Wednesday will be posted on Monday.

Town Board workshops are always held the Monday before the Town Board Meeting (occasionally Tuesday if a Town Holiday falls on a Monday). Often, residents may only see the Town Board meetings where the Board votes on the listed Agenda items, which is held in the courtroom on the first Wednesday of the month.

The Town Board workshops are where the Supervisor and board members discuss the issues that will be voted on at the Town Board meeting, as well as other ongoing Town issues. The workshop meetings are always open to the public, and held at 7pm in the Supervisor’s conference room at Town Hall.

As part of Supervisor Meyers new Open Government policy, the workshop agendas will be posted ahead of time and shared on social media in addition to the regular Town Board Agendas. The public is encouraged to attend a workshop if there is an issue being discussed that they have an interest in.

2020 Town Board Agendas and Minutes


New Windsor Police install new pole mounted speed limit sign

Town Police & Highway Department members were on Dean Hill Road recently to talk to some area residents about the installation of a new pole mounted electronic speed limit sign. Town residents Sabrina Oliveri and Kevin Shader had written a letter to the Town about their concerns of speeding cars on Dean Hill Road and requested a sign of this type be installed to help slow vehicles down.

Electronic speed limit signs of this type are portable and are used to alert motorists of their speed if they are traveling above the posted limit. The Police Department determined that Dean Hill Road would be a suitable location for the sign to be displayed. The Highway Department installed the sign post and the sign last week.

New Windsor Police Chief Robert Doss stated, “I think this is an excellent example of how we all can work together to get things done. Traffic safety in the town is extremely important to us and getting cars to slow down in residential areas like Dean Hill Road is a priority. Motorists have to realize that there are people walking their dogs, people exercising and kids playing in these areas and they need to be aware of their speed and slow down for everyone’s safety.”

If you know of a road that you think would benefit from the installation of one of the signs, please contact Sgt. William Ruger. He can be contacted at (845) 565-7000 or at [email protected]

The Police Department recently obtained two of these electronic speed signs using grant funding from The Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant. This grant is federally funded and is used for criminal justice programs at the state and local levels. The signs are portable and can be easily moved from location to location depending on need.

Pictured in the photos are (L to R): NW Highway Superintendent Anthony Fayo, Kevin Shader, Sabrina Oliveri, Sgt William Ruger, Police Chief Robert Doss, Mrs. Byron, Mr. Vernon Byron.

Boil Water Advisory Due to Emergency Water Leak Repair: Burroughs Ln, Shelly Rd, Keats Dr, Byron Ln, Melville Dr, Stephenson Ln & Hemingway Ln

Due to a emergency water main leak repair, water will be turned off at approximately 4 PM on the following streets on Thursday, January 9th

Burroughs Lane, Shelly Road, Keats Drive, Byron Lane, Melville Drive, Stephenson Lane and Hemingway Lane 

A precautionary boil water advisory has been issued for these same streets until further notice.  Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and sign up for text alerts from the Town for notifications.