Town of New Windsor Press Releases

Please find and view the most up to date news and information regarding the Town of New Windsor listed below.

Updated hours at local supermarkets in New Windsor

Updated information on our three local supermarkets regarding hours, and special shopping times:

Shop Rite, New Windsor: 845-863-1051
Seniors Only: 6am-7am
Store Hours: 7am-10pm
Deli hours: 7am-7pm

Price Chopper, New Windsor: 845-565-8637
Seniors over 60 & people with disabilities: 6am-7am
Store Hours 7am-10pm

Hannaford, New Windsor: 845-562-5169
Store Hours: 7am-11pm

Town Hall closed to public; Town Hall staff available via email, phone and websites

Effective Thursday March 19 New Windsor Town Hall and Recreation Offices will be closed to the public.  Employees will be available daily between 10am and 4pm to conduct business via phone, email and website. There is also a mail slot in the front door of town hall that is available for correspondence.  

Online services are available 24 hours a day at These include online utility bill payments, court fines and fees payments, online FOIL requests, online mapping, and more on our website.

On Friday March 20 Town Hall and Recreation Offices will be closed for a deep cleaning and sanitization.

Monday March 23 through Friday March 27, Town Hall and Recreation offices will be closed to the public, with employees available from 10am and 4pm to conduct business via phone, email and website.

In addition, Supervisor Meyers is declaring a State of Emergency in the Town of New Windsor.  THIS IS ONLY A FORMALITY, to ensure the Town is eligible for reimbursement for expenses occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic, and it also removes restrictions on the bidding process.

Please contact Supervisor Meyers office at (845) 563-4610 or email [email protected] with any questions or concerns.


Contact information for New Windsor residents for issues regarding supplies, medications and other issues

Any New Windsor resident, and especially senior citizens, having issues with supplies, medications, or other issues shall contact Supervisor Meyers’ office at (845) 563-4610 or via email at [email protected]. The Town will provide any type of assistance they can to our residents during this COVID-19 outbreak.

Any emergencies after business hours, please contact our Police Department (845)565-7000.

Update from Supervisor Meyers on New Windsor precautions in response to the Coronavirus Pandemic

Based on the recommendation of New York State that local governments have 50% of employees working remotely due to the spread of COVID-19, Supervisor Meyers is taking action for the health and safety of our employees and ensuring our government continues to function for New Windsor residents. Town Departments are having employees work from home or in split shifts where possible without affecting services to the public. The New Windsor Police and New Windsor Ambulance are taking extra precautions to protect their officers and staff. Additional precautions are being taken with our highway, water and sewer departments to ensure staff availability to run critical town infrastructure.

Town Hall is still open to the public for the time being, however the Town is encouraging the public not to come to Town Hall or our Recreation department unless it absolutely necessary. Please conduct business via phone, email, online or via US mail where possible. New Windsor offers online utility bill payments, court fines and fees payments, online FOIL requests, online mapping, and more on our website at

Above all, Supervisor Meyers would like to assure the public that even if Town Hall does close to the public, the New Windsor government will continue to function and provide all critical services to our residents. We will continue to provide residents and businesses with information as it becomes available.

Supervisor Meyers announces cancellations due to ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic


In light of recent developments with the coronavirus pandemic and the public health emergency in New York State, Supervisor George Meyers is taking the following actions to limit exposure to town employees and the public. These protective measures are being taken to assure the operation of local government in the safest manner possible for the public and our employees during this public health crisis.

All Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals meetings, public hearings and workshops are canceled until further notice.

Justice Court appearances and hearings before Justice Meyers (Tuesdays) and Justice Calderin (Thursdays) are canceled until further notice. The Court will notify you of a new appearance date once the coronavirus pandemic passes.

All Recreation programs and activities are canceled until further notice, including the town’s annual Easter Egg hunt.

Supervisor Meyers is requesting anyone having business with the Town of New Windsor use the telephone, email, online services, or US Mail to conduct business and avoid coming into Town Hall or the Recreation Offices. New Windsor offers online utility bill payments, court fines and fees payments, online FOIL requests, online mapping, and more on our website at

New Windsor Police and New Windsor Ambulance have instituted health safety protocols to protect their members and provide uninterrupted service to our residents and the general public.

Please check the Town website, Facebook page, and register for text notifications on our website at for updated information.

New Windsor cancelling outside group meetings in New Windsor owned buildings

Supervisor Meyers and New Windsor staff attended a conference call with Orange County Officials today regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. There are currently three confirmed cases in Orange County. Orange County is recommending all school districts close for two weeks, starting on Monday. For Orange County residents wanting to report cases of price gauging on supplies related to this situation, please contact the Orange County Consumer Affairs Office at (845) 360-6700.

Effective immediately, all meetings for outside groups in New Windsor owned buildings are cancelled, including but not limited to senior citizen meetings, boy scouts, girl scouts, etc.

Warning: Residents being targeted by mail scam in regards to water tests



The Town is advised of a direct mailing being sent to residents by a company called Hudson Valley Environmental Solutions.  They are offering a “free water test” in an effort to sell homeowners a water treatment system for up to $6000 or more.  They may also use the name “Rain Soft”. 


Please note, this company has not sought a solicitor’s permit to sell these products or provide these services to Town residents, and the Town has not sanctioned their doing so.  In fact, the same company improperly solicited Town residents by leaving similar solicitations on people’s front doors and in their mailboxes a few months ago, prompting the Town to contact the New York State Department of Environmental Police who advised them to stop.  Clearly, they didn’t heed this warning.  Please don’t be fooled!


If residents have any questions over this issue, please contact Supervisor George Meyers at (845) 563-4610.

Update on questions regarding latest utility billing

There is an over abundance of questions regarding high utility bills for this quarter.  As we transition with this new billing system AND into the new meters, some factors come in to play that may have caused a resident to have a high bill.  

One thing to note before reviewing the factors is that the “Service to and from” dates are a generic billing period and do not represent the true reading cycle for most.  Once all the meters in town have been changed to the new technology, there will be a town wide reading/billing period of 3 months then the billing system will be able to import all meter reads at once at the time of applying charges.    For a number of years, each quarter the town has had unbilled water in the amount of 35%-40% of the treated water because of failing and inaccurate meters.

Those with high bills are mainly due to the meter change outs that were done between 11/10/19 and 2/7/20:

•    A longer reading cycle.  The old meter read was combined with the new meter read which was obtained on 2/27/20 to move into the consistent 3 month reading schedule.  This caused some reading period to be longer than 3 months, some up to 5 months which would have the potential to double your average bill.
•    Many of the readings obtained from the “old” meters were done so after many years of customer estimates.  If it turned out the billing was UNDER estimating, charges for unbilled water will cause higher bills.  If the account was OVER estimated, it resulted in a credit applied.
•    The new meters are extremely accurate as opposed to the meters that are being replaced.  Many of the old meters have not been accounting for all the water going through them.

Please feel free to contact the water billing department with questions regarding your bill at 845-563-4625.